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Win 8  iPad   Android   Mac

MS Windows 7 instructions:

System requirements (one time only)

Step 1:
  Go to to setup your user account to use Remote Lab.  (this is only required once a semester or when you change your Access account password)

Step 2:
Using Internet Explorer...Follow the Remote Lab Services link below to access Remote Lab.  Please enter your account information using the following format:

(Example: psu-erie\abc123)

    Note:  Any prompts for credentials need to have psu-erie\ included prior to your username.

Step 3:
Select Remote Lab

Step 4:
Log off your remote session when finished

Click the to go to:
Remote Lab Services

Windows 8 (new)
Mac instructions (new)
iPad Instructions
Android Instructions
Linux instructions

SOE Remote Project instructions
(new) (Restricted - Requires instructor approval)
Oracle system instructions
SWENG465 system instructions
(Restricted - Requires instructor approval)

For support please contact:


Phone:  Hammermill Help Desk:   814-898-6415


Performance of the Remote Desktop Web Connection is dependent on your ISP connectivity (dialup, DSL, Cable).


Experiencing problems logging into Virtuallab? Please submit a work order and provide date, time, userid, and any error messages that may be displayed. Work orders can be submitted here.